Tuesday 18th June 2024

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Suitable for all - (10.0 Kilometers)

Old Pale hill pyramids

Great group session as we will do hill pyramids on OP, regrouping together on the downhill before the next uphill effort 👍 

1/4 way up and down; 1/2 way up and down; 3/4 way up and down; all way up and down. Then work our way back 3/4, 1/2,1/4 😃

Meet up: Delamere Station @ 1900

Session type: Hills

Mandatory kit: Summer kit

Suitable for all - (5.0 Miles)

5 easy miles

5 easy miles. And that’s my definition of easy so it will probably take us an hour. 

Meet up: Barnesbridge Gate @ 7pm

Session type: Beginner

Mandatory kit: Summer kit

Iron Spartans - (10.0 Miles)

Hot and Sticky

Meet at the Carriers Inn for 10 miles of perimeter passion.

Drinks at the Carriers after are optional but strongly recommended🍺

Meet up: Other (see description) @ 7pm

Session type: Hills, Intermediate, Medium, Sociable, Undulating

Mandatory kit: Summer kit