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The Anglesey Oner

Published by Nick Wishart on 01/08/20

Running a complete non stop lap of Anglesey was meant to be part one of an extreme triple header with UTS 100 and my 4th Lakeland 100.

Once Covid 19 hit and races were being cancelled all around, I was glad I still had a goal to motivate myself for.

Yet with Wales remaining stubbornly closed to travel, my date of May 12th came and went and I had to keep positively focused and I just keep training on an every day streak with my fingers crossed. Even a severe ankle sprain at the end of March threatened but failed to derail my running.

Here I go again: UTLD 100 2019

Published by Nick Wishart on 16/08/19

Another year and another weekend in Coniston at the end of July. I’ve been making this journey since 2013, since I first arrived as an ultra novice to run my first ever 50 mile race.

Even last year as I prepared for my 5thUTLD and second L100, I felt nervy and uncertain. It was probably because I knew I wasn’t adequately prepared and knew what suffering lay ahead!

What got me through last year was an unbreakable will to finish, inspired by the loss of one of our closest friends just 2 weeks earlier.

The Arc of my Attrition

Published by Nick Wishart on 14/02/19

 This is a tale of an Ultra adventure that didn’t end how I planned or visualised. Mainly because it didn’t start as it was planned, but I gave it a go and I came out, as usual, older and a little wiser. Strap yourselves in, this isn’t much of a race report, it’s more like a horror story……..

In 2016 I came to Cornwall for the Arc and stepped up to the line and into the unknown for my first 100 mile race. Interesting choice, but I relished the tough challenge and somehow got to the end, weather and all. 

Running on emotion: The 2018 UTLD 100

Published by Nick Wishart on 24/08/18

I’m not writing this as a typical race report of my experience in what is well known as a tough, dig deep ultra trail race. I actually wasn’t going to write anything at all, but changed my mind after a couple of weeks of contemplation.

It’s more of a tale of a journey, fuelled almost entirely by a motivation to reach the finish that is not directly rooted in endurance sport, but a journey that I hope helps give legacy and tribute to a sadly missed dear friend.



Event Perspective

Escape From Meriden Autumn 2017

Published by Nick Wishart on 21/11/17

I love the concept of this race. I loved the atmosphere and camaraderie before the start of this race especially. The start was pretty unique and makes it worth entering just for the madness of watching your fellow competitors scatter in all directions at midnight! 

Dusk 'til Dawn 2016 - An Escapade in Dodgy Nav

Published by Alex Mason on 31/10/16

You’re at the edge of an open grassy field.  The objective is to get to the other side which is about 200m away.  Now go.

The CCC: Chrispy's Chamonix Challenge

Published by Paul Chrisp on 04/09/16

The preparation for this race began almost 2 years earlier. It’s always been at the back of my mind to do a big race in the Alps, and the CCC seemed like a logical choice. I'd got the qualifying points, secured a place and was now at the start line on a beautiful day in the Alps...

Lakeland 100: Dig deep. In fact, just keep on digging

Published by Nick Wishart on 04/08/16

I love the whole weekend vibe of being involved in this race.

This is our fourth year as a family in Coniston, having completed JTF (just the 50) for the past 3 years.

I think I had run out of excuses not to enter the 100. I’d steadily improved my experience and time each year in the 50, but was never really enticed to step up to the 100, possibly because you see a lot of 100 legends in a pretty dark place as you pass them by!

UTLD 100 2016 - An Epic Adventure

Published by Alex Mason on 04/08/16

UTLD 100 2016 – An Epic Adventure.

Whilst this event is still fresh in my head I want to get down as much as I can to try and make some sense of what just happened.

Be warned though – you will be entering my mind, you may not like everything you read!  Some of the content maybe out of order, it’s difficult remembering 105+ miles!


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