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The Day Hell Froze Over

Published by Fay Jackson on 08/11/12

It was on my 3rd Delamere Spartan run that I was first introduced to the hills of hell. Club numbers hadn’t yet reached double figures and although there had been one other female on my first outing who had promised to return, she hadn’t been seen again since. Running along a pleasant flattish fire road James beackoned me over to the forest edge asking ‘Have you seen the hills of hell?’. I looked down the seemingly sheer drop and listened to James explaining the hills and bogs of ‘Hellrunner up north’. ‘You’ll have to try it one day’ James claimed.

The Spirit of Sparta

Published by Fay Jackson on 30/10/12

Sandstone Trail B race 2012 - This time last year I was gearing up for my first trail race, and even better, my first race with a Spartan presence – and what a presence it was! It was very hot and feeling anxious I was pleased to join my club mates at Beeston Castle car park.

Over excited novice - Chester Marathon 2012

Published by Fay Jackson on 07/10/12

Chester Marathon 2013 - I’ve always wanted to run a marathon; I can remember watching the London Marathon as a child thinking ‘one day I’ll do that’, although at the same time having no comprehension, or even the drive for a plan, of how to get there!

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