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Don’t be afraid to ‘Unleash The Dragon’

What do we need?

We are like-minded people. Like to run, have fun, keep those fitness levels up and try to balance our hectic lives with socialising and doing things that we love.

We know you are the same and are looking to be part of something which allows you to dip in as much as you want; looking to spend time running some trails with a level of challenge that suits you and getting to know other like minded people who enjoy life.

So, we decided that we needed;

1) A name – Delamere Spartans

2) A Logo - Well done Hackos – Quality!

3) T-Shirts and Vests to wear at events to show the Spartan Spirit of togetherness – Well done Hackos again.

 4) Launch ourselves on Facebook – check

5) Produce the website – check

6) Blog our journey – this is the start.

7) Develop a Forum where all Spartans can communicate and become a Community, sharing views, opinions, experiences and generally keeping in touch. This is growing all the time – TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!

8) Enter some events under our team name – Tough Guy (July) & Hellrunner Up North (Sept 10th) to name a couple.

9) Meet up monthly but this has been so successful that everyone would like to do it weekly – BRILLIANT START.

10) To make sure that everyone feels welcome and part of the group.

 Hopefully we will grow with your support and we are open to suggestions.
Help us and be part of this journey – FOR THE SAKE OF SPARTA!!


Delamere Forest is the perfect, idyllic venue to share fresh air, friendship and fitness. The smell of woodland foliage pulled into your lungs with every breath.

 The sight of Old Pale, like an old friend, ready for you when you want to take that challenge at your own pace.
The earthy surface keeping you focused and ‘on your toes’; yet forgiving enough to keep those aches and pains at bay.

BUT, how do you convince people to take that leap ? To go from reading the content of a website in the safety of their home to wanting to make a change or share their love of running with other like minded people.

It’s easy, because this group is just like you. They love running, love the surroundings of Delamere Forest and are friendly to all comers. The good bit is that there are absolutely no egos or pressure from us. YOU can engage as much or as little as you want. Why not try some of the following steps and give us feedback!!!!!

Step 1 – Visit our website

Step 2 – Sign up to the Forum

Step 3 – Post your views, share your experiences or simply pass a comment (funny or not)

Step 4 – a) Meet up on a Tuesday for one of two runs. Short 3 to 4 miles (don’t be put off by the distance – work up to it and being with others always helps), Longer 7 to 8 miles where you can stretch those legs further. b) Stay around for a refreshing drink and a chat afterwards.

Step 5 – Take part in one of the numerous events that are happening in the North West or further afield in the coming twelve months; with fellow SPARTANS by your side.

Step 6 – Enjoy, make friends and have fun while getting fitter.

(The golden rules of Sparta – Don’t be afraid to ‘Unleash The Dragon’ inside you!) 


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