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Delamere Forest Dot To Dot Challenge

The challenge

Run to all the 66 posts around Delamere Forest in order. It is about 17 miles. In March 2013, post 1, 31, 33 and 65 didn’t exist. Post 31 was marked up again by June 2013. As post 1 didn’t exist when I did it we started at a post in the middle of a field in a small valley near to where it is shown on the map (see photo).

Results so far

Clare HSat 9th March 20133h 20m (ish) 
Emma CSat 9th March 20133h 20m (ish) 
Sarah WSat 9th March 20133h 20m (ish) 
Matt BSat 9th March 2013 Got to post 40 then nipped off somewhere else
John KSun 10th March 20133h 20m (ish)Posts 1, 31, 33 and 65 were missing
Nick SSun 10th March 20133h 20m (ish) 
Rob MSun 10th March 20133h 20m (ish) 
Steve MSun 10th March 20133h 20m (ish) 

If you want to be included in this table then email me with your time and whether you found those missing posts.

The PDF map$file/DelamereMap.pdf

My GPX (Disclaimer: stay safe, take a map, do not rely on the accuracy of this file for navigation).


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