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Dusk 'til Dawn 2016 - An Escapade in Dodgy Nav

Published by Alex Mason on 31/10/16

You’re at the edge of an open grassy field.  The objective is to get to the other side which is about 200m away.  Now go.

UTLD 100 2016 - An Epic Adventure

Published by Alex Mason on 04/08/16

UTLD 100 2016 – An Epic Adventure.

Whilst this event is still fresh in my head I want to get down as much as I can to try and make some sense of what just happened.

Be warned though – you will be entering my mind, you may not like everything you read!  Some of the content maybe out of order, it’s difficult remembering 105+ miles!

Dusk til Dawn 2015 or DNF dodging

Published by Alex Mason on 03/11/15

Dusk til Dawn 2015 – 50 mile (actually 52) race at night in the Peak District:

Last year this event started at Hope (1/2 way round this year), the course was relatively the same except for a few miles at the start/finish which were different.

Montane Trail 14.5 Grizedale Feb 2015

Published by Alex Mason on 09/02/15

I help out with the Trailkidz as part of the Montane Trail 26 series and entered the Trail 13 event whilst I was there.

After I'd done my foxy impression for Trailkidz I made my way to the start and got kitted out ready for the race and saw a fellow chilly looking Spartan - Jon Hawker.  It was -5C and not damp and miserable like last year.

The marathoners set off 20 minutes before us.  The claxon went and we were off hunting them on the undulating fire trails.

Endure24 2015

Published by Alex Mason on 12/11/14

I saw the Adidas Thunderun a couple of years ago whilst flicking through the Runners World website looking at what kind of Ultras there were. I’d just done my first Ultra – the High Peak 40 and wanted more. I was too late that year for entry and couldn’t do last year or this year and stumbled across Endure24.

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