Tuesday 2nd August 2022

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Social - (5.0 Miles)

Tales of UTLD & Spardale

Hi All, 

just thought I’d pop this in the sessions calendar for the traditional post LL100/50 celebrations and photo.

We’ll need some more leaders and to decide on venue. Tigers head works well for meeting point snd after run drinks but think it’s quiz night now on Tuesdays. Thoughts?

UPDATE 27/07/22

Get your pre-order in. Menu on FB, WhatsApp and the photo on here.

UPDATE: 20/07/2022

LL50/100 post-event celebrations (also posted on whatsApp)


Hi All, Delamere Station Cafe have said that they can open for us on the 2nd August, serving drinks and snacks, for our UTLD celebrations.

They would prefer that those of us who are running first pre-order (or as many as possible pre-order) so drinks/snacks can be ready without a delay when we arrive. There'll also be the option to order on the day for any last minute attendees. I'm happy to co-ordinate pre-orders before the event.

Obviously we need to make it worth her while staying open with numbers.

I don't need a firm commitment at this time, but if you could give me a thumbs up if you're likely to be attending and buying at least a drink, that would be a big help so I can confirm the booking.

Meet up: Other (see description) @ 7pm

Session type: Easy, Recovery, Sociable

Mandatory kit: Summer kit

Suitable for all - (3.0 Miles)

Weary legs and sleepy heads!

A gentle, sociable amble (walk) for anyone still suffering from sleep deprivation and leaden legs! 

Get your war stories ready 😁

Meet up: Delamere Station @ 1900

Session type: Recovery, Sociable

Mandatory kit: Summer kit

Suitable for all - (10.0 Kilometers)

Alternative social run

Happy to lead an alternative group if needed like last week. I can’t promise not to make it up as I go again. Plus I must run slowish as my hamstring is dodgy 😖

Meet up: Delamere Station @ 1900

Session type: Medium

Mandatory kit: Summer kit

Intro to Spartans - (5.0 Miles)


A slow & steady trot around forest paths for those recovering,  slightly injured or just want an easy run...... 

Meet up: Delamere Station @ 7pm

Session type: Beginner, Easy, Slow, Sociable

Mandatory kit: Summer kit