Delamere Spartans at Lakeland 50

The Spartan way

For some, Sparta it is a means of going further, faster and breaking boundaries. For others it's the catalyst for getting active in a way that's not for the faint hearted... Whatever your Spartan objectives, we are united by a simple ethos:

  • Tarmac is for cars. Run safely with experienced runners who know the forest well.
  • Good times and great company - big adventures on mud and hills.
  • Train hard, explore your limits and push through them.
  • Pick up speed and fitness. Spartans test themesleves mentally and physically.
  • Be competitive but leave your ego at home.
  • No one gets left behind.
  • Take part in events as part of the most awesome team known to man. Support fellow Spartans.
  • Get involved and give something back.
  • Never surrender!