Spartan Friends

The Ultramarathon Running Store

Published by dx1086 on 25/07/13

Our friends at The Ultramarathon Running Store generously give all paid up Spartans a 10% discount.

Parkrun at Delamere

Published by dx1086 on 31/05/13

A free 5km race for everyone. Every Saturday - a popular weekend destination for Spartans.

More information here:

Andy Mouncey – Doing Big and Scary

Published by dx1086 on 02/04/13

Andy is an accomplished triathlete and ultra runner. In 2003 he set new record stage times for the Enduroman Arch To Arc Challenge: A 300 mile solo triathlon linking London and Paris via an English Channel swim. 

DX - Spartan stylists

Published by dx1086 on 01/02/13

DX-Designs Ltd, creators of the Spartan brand and website...

Marc Laithwaite - The Endurance Coach

Published by dx1086 on 01/02/13

Mark Laithwaite is The Endurance Coach. He's an accomplished triathlete, sports scientist and an organiser of the Lakeland 50 & 100 races...

Stuart Mills - UltraStu

Published by dx1086 on 01/02/13

The original Spartan Guest. Stuart kindly visited us in 2011 for a day of running and an evening of trail running theory...

Rosebank Sports - our kit sponsor

Published by dx1086 on 01/02/13

Our kit creators and sponsors. Visit their extraordinarily well-stocked shop in Northwich.