Delamere Spartans club sessions

The day of forgiveness

(occasionally a Sunday run when a leader is available)

Once upon a time in Sparta, the good people of the land decided to take pity on the folk known as r**d runners.

"Forgive them for they know not what they do" said Fay. "Where their pale feet tread, I once roamed".

"We must show them a new light, one brighter than they now see" replied Alan. "They are simple creatures, we will lure them in with tea and homemade cakes".

"We shall re-wire their brains to the Spartan way or they must die as Persian slaves" said Matt.

And so it was decreed that from this day forth, Sparta would make efforts to educate those who have chosen the wrong path, those who are less confident of their own ability or indeed those who just want a jolly nice social activity.

These sessions are aimed at beginners and improvers. It is hoped that these sessions will be a 'feeder' for our tougher Tuesday sessions.

Minimum requirement for these sessions are that you should be able to run 5 miles on something flat. We always run to the slowest.

Approximate time: 9am or before.