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Spartans need to be self reliant! If for any reason (e.g. taking a well-earned breather or, heaven forbid, because of an injury) we find ourselves standing around, you will quickly feel the cold. Don't be complacent, don't rely on others! Below is basic list of what you should now be carrying in your own pack on club runs, and we’ll be doing random kit checks – no kit, no run...

  • A baselayer and/or lightweight waterproof jacket
  • An energy snack
  • A space blanket
  • A whistle
  • Your mobile! Should you get separated from the phalanx, this is your primary means of finding them!
  • Some water if you think you'll get thirsty
  • Optional - Eye protection is a sensible precaution to protect you from low branches, brambles or grit.
For Sparta!