Official Spartan meet-ups

Delamere Forest, Cheshire: the UK's capital of mud, rain and good times. Our sessions take place in all conditions but gale force winds, running all year round regardless of precipitation levels, temperature and available light.

Our forest is expansive but comparatively small - you're never too far from safety providing you have local knowledge and the right equipment. We keep away from Tarmac and consider r**d to be a four letter word.

We offer guidance rather than training, though most people can expect to become significantly physically fitter and faster by joining us. We are all about getting out there and doing what the vast majority of people find odd. We are happy to introduce you to our own brand of powerful narcotic, trail running.

Our main sessions are Tuesday night every week. Occasionally there are Sunday sessions. Occasionally we'll set up time-trials - a great way to benchmark your progress and get a little competitive with your Spartan brothers and sisters.