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The Spirit of Sparta

Published by Fay Jackson on 30/10/12

Sandstone Trail B race 2012 - This time last year I was gearing up for my first trail race, and even better, my first race with a Spartan presence – and what a presence it was! It was very hot and feeling anxious I was pleased to join my club mates at Beeston Castle car park.

Chester Marathon 2012

Published by James Hack on 12/10/12

More Spartan Pseudo Science - ramblings about training and race day.

Over excited novice - Chester Marathon 2012

Published by Fay Jackson on 07/10/12

Chester Marathon 2013 - I’ve always wanted to run a marathon; I can remember watching the London Marathon as a child thinking ‘one day I’ll do that’, although at the same time having no comprehension, or even the drive for a plan, of how to get there!

Mud, sweat and clouded judgement

Published by James Hack on 12/03/12

25th Cloud Nine Hill Race (Congleton, Cheshire) 11am, Sunday 4th March 2012 My first race back from two months out with injury was always going to be a tough one. I'd seriously overdone the miles the weekend before with a 17 mile 'taper' on the Sandstone Trail. Perhaps not the most sensible for a 9 mile race.

Delamere Spartans Vs The Nancherro Nettlewarrior 2011

Published by The Finisher on 30/07/11

Only 14 weeks since the establishment of the Delamere Spartans, yet the Spirit of Sparta once again rears its head, as Hackos and The Finisher took on the fabled Tough Guy’ race in Perton. Dubbed the ‘Safest yet Most Dangerous event in the world’; Tough Guy was THE race to put The Spartans through their paces. Excitement and anticipation of the unknown, fueled these two hardy Spartans in their preparations. From the ‘Tough Guy’ trailers and videos on YouTube it was apparent that extensive cardio, underpinned by a real core ‘total body’ strength would be required.

A history of the Whitegate Way

Published by James Hack on 22/07/11

Some facts unearthed about our local disused railway line.

Don’t be afraid to ‘Unleash The Dragon’

Published by The Finisher on 01/05/11

We are like-minded people. Like to run, have fun, keep those fitness levels up and try to balance our hectic lives with socialising and doing things that we love.