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Tigers Todger, Sheffield

Published by Dave Douglas on 02/05/13

Tigers Todger, Sheffield

 I did my first fell race last night and got my eyes widely opened (and my lungs). I expected 50ish people I got 262!

Hawks, Lakes and a Coffin

Published by Matt Boot on 01/05/13

I like racing, but I'm not sure why. This race helped me to see more clearly some of the reasons why I do it...

Long Mynd - Hard work for Hobbitses

Published by James Hack on 30/04/13

A long overdue trail running trip to Long Mynd, home of hairy footed Hobbits.

Edging beyond 26.2

Published by James Hack on 15/04/13

Two Spartans set out on an adventure to achieve "time on legs" and break 26.2.

Believe what we tell you...

Published by Matt Boot on 11/04/13

Maybe I'm a bit gullible, but I've been listening to a few people, and am beginning to believe what they say...

Welcome to our new website!

Published by James Hack on 28/03/13

It's taken a while but it's finally here. At last the Persians can find out who this plucky bunch of upstarts are...

Limited edition website launch t-shirt

Published by James Hack on 27/03/13

To celebrate the launch of the new website we've created a new casual t-shirt.

Get one from our spreadshirt store.

Spring offers

Published by Rosebank Sports on 19/02/13

Buy both for £54

Cool runnings

Published by Steve Mee on 12/02/13

Some cool pics from cold days out on the Sandstone Trail and Delamere loop.

Sandstone Challenge 2013 Party

Published by dx1086 on 06/02/13

Details of our massive Sandstone assault and after show party...